“Ikar Hut” – where beauty, adventure and creativity meet!

Usually, I’m attracted to tropical and exotic destinations, rarely before I’ve had an inspiration to write for my country, especially as a part of my travel blog.
But, never say never!
I’m interested in everything related to water, because the gravitation is less and the feeling is more…
After almost two years living on islands I am back for a while in my home country, a land locked, with strong gravitational forces produced by the mountains around…
The only “blue” water sometimes even reminding on ocean, when afternoon winds hit is the Ohrid lake.
Here, “Ikar Hut” is situated.

Lying between Ohrid and Prespa lake, separated by Galichica, National Park and Mountain.
I decided to visit the hostel, because I needed a gateway from the city life, and because few friends told me that it offers adrenaline activities.
They said: “you won’t be bored for sure”. True!
The Hostel, it’s run by Ilina young women, adrenaline addicted, herself…with impressive sport achievements, and among other things an artists. Its open both in summer and winter.
She definitely made a soulful place out of many artistic details, skillfully combining as well the comfort with the natural beauty around.
It is the most colorful place I visited recently.


The house is overlooking Ohrid lake and summits of Galichica mountain in the same time.

When I arrived she offered me to settle and then head for a sunset canoe ride.
The ride was magnificent especially that we saluted sun the while setting behind the mountains and shining diamonds in the lake…

Next day, I had a great bike ride from Lagadin to Trpejca (small fishermen village)……
This is not demanding tour but is a good work out combined with spectacular scenery along the way…

For those more in shape there’re several demanding bike and hiking trails around. You can do rock climbing, on the nearby rocks…of course, with assistance and guidance by trained and experienced staff. These tours are all guided by Ilina herself.

Although I haven’t seen mountains in two years, and my physical tracking preparedness was not in full gloom, I managed (thanks to Ile a friend and a mountain guide at Ikar’s) to climb to the third highest summit in Macedonia (Pelister 2601m), as a part of Ikar’s activities.

The trail was just beautiful, frequently changing landscapes and flora…Recommended for sure!





However, I must admit that I enjoyed the most the simple platform terrace built in front of Ikar’s living room. Overlooking in same time Ohrid lake and Galichica mountain…





You may spread your wings and fly wherever you want… here, on this magical terrace you, can day dream endlessly or socialize and share with guests and friends along with tasteful meal, and Turkish coffee or rakija…

As tradition speaks itself, on the way back we were greeted with the best “tavce grafce” made out of the Ikar’s magical kitchen…

“Ikar Hut” is not just place to be but is the place to daydream…



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